This user-friendly online handedness assessment tool is developed with JavaScript.
It is based on the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory (Oldfield, 1971).

After you use the mouse to indicate your preference for the ten items in the table, your handedness score will be automatically calculated.
Please indicate which hand you prefer for each of the following activities.

1. Writing   
2. Drawing   
3. Throwing   
4. Using scissors   
5. Brushing teeth   
6. Using a knife (without a fork)   
7. Using a spoon   
8. Using a broom (dominant hand)   
9. Striking a match   
10. Opening a jar   
Total  00

Your Handedness Score
(Finish the ten items to see your score.)

Pure left hander
<-- -50
Mixed left hander
<-- 0
--> +50
Mixed right hander
--> +100
Pure right hander

Handedness score is calculated using this formula: 100*((Right - Left) / (Right + Left)).

Oldfield, R.C. (1971). The assessment and analysis of handedness: the Edinburgh inventory. Neuropsychologia, 9(1), 97-113.
Zhang, Y. (2014). Online tool for handedness assessment. Retreived from
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